Professional tutoring for all grades

What we do

We tutor students in all grades and at all levels of mathematics, from simple arithmetic through calculus and beyond. We also help students prepare for the math portion of most standardized tests (SAT, GRE, etc.). Our main focus is on helping today's high school students get through their required mathematics courses and/or preparing them for college.

Hawaii is a great place to visit and a pretty good place to live too, but, sadly, Hawaii receives very poor marks when it comes to its ability to educate its youth. (Source: Center for American Progress)

Many of today's high school students, often through little or no fault of their own, do not possess the required skills from previous math courses needed to do well in their current courses. It's very difficult to learn or relearn prerequisite material and keep up with the class at the same time. We can help make that task manageable!

How we do it

We work hard to really get through to our students. We spend a lot of our time working actual problems. We look at lots of examples. We try different approaches. We study what happens when we perform steps incorrectly. This is very important!

People love to learn, but learning solely on your own is not usually enjoyable. We fix that. We show the student what they need to know and how to apply it. We teach skill sets and how to know which tools to use at the right time.

Most of all, we listen to our students. We hear the underlying message in what they say. We push the ones who need challenges. We guide the ones who feel lost. And we notice the difference.

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